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Happy 18th Birthday, Alyssa! by Sassafras-Tea Happy 18th Birthday, Alyssa! :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 168
Help Me, God
Help me, God.
Lift away my pain.
I feel like I can’t go on.
The tears are now like rain.
I scream on the inside
and shake with fear.
Sometimes I feel like
my end is near.
God, protect me;
help me through this ordeal.
I’m wheezing with confusion
and none of this seems real.
I pray to you.
I cry out from hurt.
My cheeks are stained.
I’m always on the alert.
But sometimes I just
can’t seem to see things coming.
I feel like I’m tired and exhausted,
like I’m always running.
My heart is heavy,
my throat is sore.
My eyes are drooping.
Can I take much more?
My lips are dry,
my nose is runny.
My body is numb.
When can I go to the place of milk and honey?
I feel like I’m ready
for Heaven’s arms.
I want to be singing
and I don’t want to be harmed.
But my time is not yet here.
And I won’t bring it quicker.
Because I shall be strong.
I will not be a quitter.
Just help me, My God
to get over my troubles and woes.
For I will meet you some da
:iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 0 0
Christmas Is Here, Bringing Good Cheer
Christmas Is Here, Bringing Good Cheer
Snow fell gently down from the heavens. A castle, dark and filled with centuries’ worth of memories, came into view. Waves crashed into the rocks that the castle set upon high in the air. The gray sky became darker as the sun set up ahead.
A figure stood outside the castle, narrowing their eyes up at a certain window.
They snuck into the old building and looked around cautiously.
No one in sight, they thought with satisfaction. They pulled the hood of their cloak over their head and quickly went up the long flight of stairs.
In a room, a young girl sat on her bed staring out her fogged window. She took the palm of her hand and circled the window until there was a blurry spot on it that she could look out of. She hugged her knees and pressed her lips together as she thought in silence.
The figure heaved a few needed, yet silent, gulps of air as they made it to the top of the stairs. Making sure no one could see t
:iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 0 0
I Cannot Compare by Sassafras-Tea I Cannot Compare :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 6 Merry Christmas, Alyssa! (Drawing) by Sassafras-Tea Merry Christmas, Alyssa! (Drawing) :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 0 0
Merry Christmas, Alyssa! (Poem)
Merry Christmas to a queen
on this holiday of red and green.
Though we've not met a single time,
I'm still glad you are a close friend of mine.
This poem may sound cheesy and lame,
but I don't care. This is my game!
The first line came to me while I was trying to fall asleep.
I didn't want to forget it, so off my bed did I leap!
I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas day
and I pray to God that a lot of happiness comes your way.
Merry Christmas, Alyssa!
I love and I miss ya!
(That was a bad rhyme, I know. I'm sorry . . .)
:iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 2
Make the Memory Last
That was my new favorite color.
As I stared from across the room his eyes connected with mine. They were like diamonds, shining with grace and so pale in color. The gray—really a blue that seemed to be fading—clouded around his pupils like fog over a pond.
Music drifted into my eardrums, snapping me from my gawking. Embarrassed, I peered down at my hands as they were folded on my lap.
People talked and laughed and danced all around me. I just sat there on the wooden chair that was set up against the wall. My bottom was aching from sitting there so long. I gripped the sides of the chair and fidgeted in my seat.
The smell of peppermint filled my nostrils and I glanced up abruptly.
Piercing my soul like a flaming spear through the thickest ice, his eyes were fixated on me. I couldn't utter a single word. My mouth fell open slightly and my eyes, large and glossy, were looking at his handsome guise. It was as if a seraph had come and blessed this man with
:iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 2 0
And I Come With a Heavy Heart
And I come with a heavy heart.
My bones suddenly ache
and my throat becomes dry as dirt.
Eyes seeping into tiredness,
I realize I feel like crying, but for what?
Do I cry for all that I've lost,
or all that I have yet to gain?
Do I cry for the feelings
that have been shed and wounded within me?
Am I to cry because I miss the people that I loved,
the people that I still love and want back?
My heart is heavy and all I do is look for guidance,
guidance in Him and others around me;
none of them knowing that I seek it so . . .
Huddled near a glowing screen, I write.
My emotions are bottled, sealed.
The things that bring me happiness
always tend to bring me pain as well.
I try and be brave, I try to speak out
so that I may not walk alone anymore.
I'm never really alone, but just to have someone,
someone physically—not spiritually—to know
and walk along beside me on this hard journey
is what I long for.
With a heavy heart, I pray to God.
I want to know that I have someplace,
:iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 0 7
Happy Birthday, Katrina! by Sassafras-Tea Happy Birthday, Katrina! :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 6 0
Dear Adult Me
Dear Adult Me,
I'm sure you're probably wondering
why I've sent you this letter. It's me;
your past self! If you want to get technical,
I'm your teen self.
Yeah, I know it's hard to believe,
but I just wanted to let you know that
I've been thinking about you a lot lately.
I thought I'd drop you a line and tell you
I'm proud of where you are right now. I don't
know what you're doing yet, but I'm sure it's
You know how we used to dream about becoming
an amazing author and having a wonderful family
of our own? I still think about that and I
hope you were able to achieve that. If not,
well . . . you still have the future. I'm sure
you're still pretty young! The future's always
bright enough to come another day.
Just remember though, even if you change over
time, you'll always be the same person. You'll
always have those little things about you that
make you, well, you. I hope your life
is filled with joy and happiness. We both know
how much you've been wanting it for so lon
:iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 0
Happy All Hallow's Eve (Transparent) by Sassafras-Tea Happy All Hallow's Eve (Transparent) :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 2 0 Happy All Hallow's Eve by Sassafras-Tea Happy All Hallow's Eve :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 0 Happy Birthday, Alyssa! by Sassafras-Tea Happy Birthday, Alyssa! :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 4 ~Happy Autumn~ by Sassafras-Tea ~Happy Autumn~ :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 4 ~Happy Autumn~ by Sassafras-Tea ~Happy Autumn~ :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 0 0 Who's Da Bomb? by Sassafras-Tea Who's Da Bomb? :iconsassafras-tea:Sassafras-Tea 1 9
With a little inspiration and a little imaginaition and a whole lotta time I can actually make something. ;p

I give you permission to love, like, hate, dislike any of my things. Thank you. :bow:

And all art based upon a show or something belongs to their rightful owners. Gracias. :thanks:

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Percy Jackson and Friends!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 3:11 PM
So, I'm going to take advantage of today's free Premium Membership day . . . with Percy Jackson and his fellow allies!



As they sailed farther from the coast, the sky darkened and more stars came out.
Percy studied the constellations—the ones Annabeth had taught him so many years ago.
"Bob says hello," he told the stars.
The Argo II sailed into the night.

You’re more powerful than you think. (x)


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